How a Kitchen Blender Can Improve Your Health

Kitchen BlenderA kitchen blender is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Whether you want to lose weight, boost your immune system or simply feel more energized a blender can help you. They’re so convenient and these days there are so many blenders to choose from. To see which blender you need, take a look at what each type can do for you.

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Countertop Blenders for Better Health

It seems that we’re always searching for better ways to save time in the kitchen. Yet we still want to prepare nutritious meals for ourselves and family. Countertop blenders have become the newest hot item to ensure getting all of the nutrition we need from one powerful container.

Some fruits and vegetables provide better quality and quantity of nutrients when blended rather than cooked. That’s why so many have turned to smoothies and juicing for health.

Like other types of kitchen appliances, the new countertop blenders come in all sizes, shapes, prices and benefits. If your kitchen is short on counter space, check out the blenders with a smaller footprint. Compared to the older, more traditional models which used to fill up your counter, these ones are compact.

There are the personal, to-go models which only contain 3 ½ cups or less of liquid. The advantage is that you can take this personal blender with you.

No matter which size you choose, you’ll be turning ordinary fruits and veggies into a powerful and convenient meal by pulverizing them and preserving the nutrients.

High End Kitchen Blender Models

The more expensive kitchen blenders strive to provide space saving engineering and technologically advanced ways to blend your foods. Some are made to mimic professional power appliances. They come with blades built to crush ice and pulverize veggies and fruits into a liquid drink.

If you want the ultimate in convenience, you can choose a countertop blender that grinds, chops and blends whole vegetables. This easily lets you make soups or sauces within 10 seconds. Some even come with extras such as pitchers and to-go mugs which are sealable and won’t spill.

Some new countertop blenders resemble a futuristic appliance, made with stainless steel. Others may look like the blenders of yesterday, but have amazing new powers that can save nutrients better and get the job done faster.

It’s incredibly easy and time-saving to eat healthier with a blender. You don’t have to resort to a tasteless liquid diet to enjoy the benefits. Whip up fabulous recipes such as a spring onion frittata or a mango-yogurt smoothie. You could also try the Greek yogurt blender pancakes to get you through the morning.

Blend artichokes and tomatoes to make a hearty soup in your kitchen blender. Alternatively, wake up your taste buds with homemade salsa. You’ll be amazed at the wide array of recipes for blenders that will keep you healthy and save time

Take a quick look online to see the wide array of countertop blenders. And choose one that’s right for you and your family. Also, check out the online recipes and books of recipes available. These will give you an entirely new way of thinking about how you can enhance your health and save food prep time with blenders.

Hand Held Blenders Keep You Healthy

We’re all looking for ways to cut down on the prepping of food and still provide ourselves and our families with healthier meals. The hand held blender can do all that and help you get creative in your cooking abilities without taking lots of time.

When we think of a kitchen blender we don’t always think about a hand held blender but some people have found that the hand held model is all they need. It is in fact a kitchen blender all in its own right.

Hand held blenders are designed for convenience and speed to make your blending tasks quicker and easier. So you have time for other things you really love. Hand held blenders come in a variety of designs including those that take up only a miniscule amount of space in your kitchen.

The larger versions for hand held blenders are more powerful, tend to be dishwasher safe and have more controls for higher versatility.

What can a hand hand blender do?

You can easily chop, beat, shred, mash, puree or whisk with various attachments that come with the more high-end, hand held blenders.

Most people who use hand held blenders consider them appliances they couldn’t live without. They’re inexpensive and work much like a high-end food processor. Stop thinking of them as only good for soups and sauces and begin to think creatively about your recipes.

Cleanup is a breeze with a hand held blender, whereas larger blenders may take a bit more time and effort. Some require plug-in while others are cordless, but all are versatile.

A couple of things to remember about hand held blenders is that you should always make sure that the head of the blender is completely immersed in the items you’re blending and be sure you let the items cool before blending.

Recipe Suggestions for Hand Held Kitchen Blender Models

If you love home-made, healthy salsa, look no further than a hand held blender to perfectly blend the tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, onion and seasoning you may like.

Your salsa will be smooth and the food items will meld into tasty perfection. Homemade apple butter may seem like something your grandmother would have made – but you don’t have time for.

A hand blender makes it simple and easy to make apple butter. And we know how delicious that is on buttered toast or spread on brie cheese for an incredible appetizer. Simply toss some apples (cored and chopped) along with some lemon juice, cloves, cinnamon and whatever else sounds good, cook until the apples are reduced, let it cool, then use your hand-held blender to blend the mixture to perfectly textured apple butter.

If you’re looking for a kitchen blender, consider a hand held blender. You have many versions of hand held blenders from which to choose. Look at the wide array of colors, quality and brands available online and then make a choice that’s best for you.

Personal Size Blenders for Health and Convenience

Kitchen blenders have been utilized for years to concoct healthy smoothies or other types of drinks that are packed with vitamins, minerals and other healthy fare for the body. They’re convenient because they can blend food items in a hurry.

But did you know there are now personal blenders that offer even more convenience? Personal blenders are becoming very popular with busy people on-the-go.

The personal sized blender is great for smoothies that can boost your health and provide you with a tasty and easy way to consume nutrients.

The newest types of personal blenders provide smaller containers, but they can also be used as a travel mug and have leak-proof lids. Simply blend and go. Don’t use a personal blender  for complex blending. That requires a more heavy-duty model.

Make sure you check out the durability ratings before choosing a personal blender so you don’t purchase one that’s either too much or too little for what you need. Smoothies remain the best use for personal size blenders and some models perform better than others for this use.

What about ice?

Ice can be challenging for a personal blender. If you plan to use ice, be sure you choose a personal blender that can give you a smooth drink and cut down on the large chunks. You’ll want to check out the new and powerful features that weren’t on your mother’s personal blender appliance.

What do you want in a personal blender?

You can now choose from sleek, high-tech designs with programmable settings, LCD displays and auto-clean settings. Whichever personal size blender model you choose, make sure it shows clear marks when measuring, a lightweight container which has a pouring spout and removable blade to make clean up easier.

Personal blenders are also a great way to decide if you want to splurge on a more high-tech version or one that blends more than a smaller amount for one or two drinks.

These are likely the types of blenders that will become favorite appliances in your kitchen arsenal. A personal blender probably won’t replace your countertop kitchen blender but you’ll get so much convenience from a personal model that you’ll be pleased you got one.

Should you start with a personal blender?

Before purchasing your personal blender, check them out online and select one that fits your needs and your budget. A personal blender is a good way to begin using a blender in simple recipes and concoctions, but when you get ready to expand your blender talents, a more heavy duty blender is in order.

Online choices are readily available for both personal size blenders and the more heavy-duty type of kitchen blender that you may choose later on. Check them out and also check out recipes that are perfect for either smaller or larger and more high-tech personal size blenders.

No matter which kitchen blender you choose, you’ll be improving your health by including more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. Blenders give you the convenience you need in today’s busy world. Enjoy your blender and enjoy the extra energy it gives you.

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