How to Make Coconut Rice – Easy Coconut Rice Recipes to Make at Home

If you are still eating plain rice with your meals, you really need to learn how to make coconut rice today. You won’t regret it.

Here are easy coconut rice recipes to try. Your friends and family will be impressed by the results. Coconut rice is deliciously satisfying, good comfort food. It adds flavor and interest to your meal.

Easy coconut rice can be made to go with Thai cuisine and Asian meals. It is versatile. You can adjust the ingredients to your particular taste depending on how much flavor you want.

And once you’ve mastered coconut rice as a side dish, you can then move on to making a sweet coconut rice pudding for dessert. It’s also very easy.

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Easy Coconut Rice Recipe

 How to make Coconut Rice. Easy Coconut Rice Recipe, so simple and tasty.
This delicious coconut rice recipe is so simple to make (see here). I love using easy recipes mid-week and this one is so full of flavor.

It is the perfect side dish complement to your meal. It’s also great to eat on its own. This is an easy coconut rice recipe. It’s creamy and tasty.

This recipe will take a little bit longer to cook than plain rice but it is worth the wait because the flavor is impressive.

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Easy Coconut Rice Recipe with Pineapple

Easy Coconut Rice Recipe with Pineapple. This coconut rice is made in a rice cooker making it simple to prepare. A tasty coconut rice side dish.
This is an easy coconut rice recipe. The recipe is here. It’s prepared using pineapple along with the juice of the pineapple for extra flavor. And, of course, the other most important ingredient is coconut!

This is a tasty side dish which goes with many curries and Asian recipes. You won’t be disappointed by it.

If you want to learn how to make coconut rice that has that little something extra, then try this recipe.

I love pineapple but sometimes I find it hard to use. This coconut rice recipe is definitely worth trying and then you’ll use pineapple often. My whole family enjoy this coconut rice so I often make it several times a week.

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How to Make Coconut Rice in a Rice Cooker

 Learn how to make coconut rice easily in a rice cooker. This recipe uses long grain Jasmine rice.
This recipe is so easy to make in a rice cooker. It comes out perfect every time.

With a touch of ginger and some toasted coconut, this rice is delicious. It makes a great side dish.

I really like recipes I can make in my rice cooker because they save me time. They look after themselves once they’re in and the lid is closed. This lets me get on with other cooking.


Spiced Coconut Rice Recipe

A versatile spicy coconut rice recipe. Light on the coconut and heavier on the spices. Easy to make in a rice cooker.
This coconut rice recipe is lighter on the coconut flavor and heavier on spiciness. You can change the spices to suit your taste or vary the amount of each spice. If you would like to know how to make coconut rice which isn’t too strong in coconut flavor, try this recipe.

There is the option of sprinkling fresh herbs on top as well.

The herbs and spices in this recipe are a delicious combination, but sometimes I add more cumin or change it up to suit different tastes when extended family come over for dinner.

It’s a very easy coconut rice recipe and one that you can experiment with to perfectly suit your taste. To see the recipe, click here.

For the price of a rice cooker, you get convenience and healthy meals. This Aroma Rice Cooker has a removable stainless steel bowl. It will automatically go to warm mode after it finishes cooking.

Sticky Coconut Rice Recipe

Delicious sticky coconut rice. This recipe is slightly sweeter than other coconut rice recipes. It's an easy recipe made in the rice cooker.
This is a much stickier coconut rice recipe. It doesn’t use any water to cook so it is thicker and stickier. If you want to know how to make coconut rice easily then this is the recipe for you.

It is made in a rice cooker so it’s simple and straight forward. But there’s a little tip at the beginning of the recipe you’re going to love. It makes the rice really special.

This easy coconut rice recipe is a little bit sweeter than some of the other recipes. It is perfect with entrees made with pineapple or other sweet dishes like sweet and sour pork.  See here for the recipe.

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How to Make Thai Coconut Rice

This is an easy coconut rice recipe for fluffy Thai coconut rice. You can pair with with Thai cuisine or other dishes.

This is an easy coconut rice recipe. The result is fluffy tasty rice. It’s not sticky at all. The coconut flavor is subtle and delicious.

Every coconut rice recipe is different and this one is a classic Thai coconut rice. It goes beautifully with all Thai entrée dishes.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Thai food. The delicious flavors always tempt me. And the first time I ever tried coconut rice was at a Thai restaurant. Now it’s hard to eat plain rice ever again. I always choose coconut rice.

This is a very easy coconut rice to try making at home. If you need to learn how to make coconut rice to pair with a Thai recipe, then try this recipe first.  Here’s the recipe.


How to Make Sweet Coconut Rice Pudding

For a sweet dessert rice recipe, try this coconut rice pudding. Easy to make.
Looking for a good dessert recipe? This one is very easy.

If you learn how to make coconut rice the sweet way you can keep the whole family happy. Kids love it for dessert.

This recipe is full of flavor. To be honest, I really enjoy the left-overs too. Sweetened condensed milk is one of the most delicious ingredients you can use in a sweet recipe. And combined with coconut, you can’t go wrong.


With so many delicious and easy coconut rice recipes available there’s no excuse not to learn how to make coconut rice. It’s simple to do and so satisfying. Your family and friends will love the results.

If you try one recipe and you think it should have had more coconut flavor then try another one with more coconut. If you like spices in your rice then try the Spicy Coconut Rice recipe. Once you find your favorite easy coconut rice recipe you’ll be using it for years to come.

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