Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews – Do You Know The Differences?

Bosch Induction Cooktop ReviewsBosch induction cooktops look great, but are they any good? These Bosch induction cooktop reviews provide details on six induction cooktops and cover both 30-inch and 36-inch models.

From the most affordable model to the high-end Bosch Benchmark Series, you’ll find all the information you need in these reviews.

If you’re in a hurry to read the Bosch induction cooktop reviews and want to skip forward to read about a specific model please use the links below, otherwise read on.







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How many burners do you use together?

These Bosch induction cooktop reviews cover both 4 burner and 5 burner induction cooktops.

The 30 inch models are great for most kitchens. Personally, I never use more than three pans cooking at the same time. However, I do understand that if you’re cooking for a large family or having a dinner party it is handy to have up to 5 burners, as found on the 36-inch models.

Before you start reading Bosch induction cooktop reviews you’ll need to determine what size you need.

soupExtra burners on a cooktop are handy for keeping food warm in the pan on a low level of heat, especially when you’re entertaining. Having extra induction burners allows you to make separate sauces if you’re serving a few courses for your meal.

The 30-inch models are great for most kitchens. They’re a nice square shape that fits well into most kitchens without intruding into valuable counter space we all need.

I have a larger kitchen, what are my options?

If you’re looking at Bosch induction cooktop reviews because you have a large high-end kitchen with loads of counter space, go with the 36-inch model.

You can get extra features and you’ll be more than happy with your good decision. Of course there are some home cooks who have loads of kitchen counter space and opt for two 30-inch models in their kitchen.

If you are obsessed with cooking, this may be your thing too!

Which decision first?

Remember, if you’re going with a 30-inch cooktop you’ll probably want to match it with the same size oven. So when you’re reading Bosch induction cooktop reviews, you may need to think about your oven too.

If you have very specific requirements for your oven then make this decision first. Do you need to cook a very large turkey at certain times of the year? You’ll probably want a 36-inch wide oven and then you’ll want to match it with a 36-inch cooktop to complete the look in your kitchen.

Obviously you’re looking at these Bosch induction cooktop reviews because you want a new cooktop. But have you considered a new range? See here for reviews on induction ranges.

Now, back to cooktops…if you want your oven on a higher level, shelf mounted, and away from the induction cooktop, then the cooktop can be any size and independent from the appearance of the oven. It’s just a matter of personal preference. If you are looking at Bosch induction cooktop reviews for a new appliance, think about your kitchen layout first.

Now, let’s get on with the Bosch induction cooktop reviews…

The Bosch Benchmark Series, 30-inch Induction Cooktops

Bosch NITP066UC induction cooktop


The Bosch Benchmark Series comes in both 30-inch and 36-inch induction cooktops. This part of the review looks at the 30-inch models. The Benchmark Series is the high end in induction cooktops by Bosch. It is therefore the most expensive. But there is a reason for this, so please continue to read these Bosch induction cooktop reviews to understand why.

The Benchmark Series comes in either black or black with the stainless steel edge. The 30-inch induction cooktop itself is actually the same in both models. They even have the same instruction manual.

Here, in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews, we cover both the Bosch Benchmark model NITP066UC as well as model NITP066SUC (this is the one with a stainless steel rim). They are both the same size induction cooktop, both 30-inch. They both have the same induction burners and the same controls.

Induction burners

fishThese models include a large 11-inch induction burner and a small 6-inch induction burner. The Flexible Cooking Zone is on the left of the cooktop. This induction burner is rectangular shaped.

This zone can be two separate burners or use together as one longer area. This is perfect for cooking fish or using a griddle.

You can also make gourmet sandwiches or grill steak. There are more details below on this feature.

The Benchmark Series includes touch controls on the front surface of the cooktop.

To control the temperature on your cooktop, touch the icon for the induction burner you want to control and then touch the power setting. There are nine settings with half increments in between each setting.  The half increment is a dot next to the number. This gives you plenty of control over your cooking.

If you are new to induction cooking you’ll need to learn that it is better to start your soup, stew or sauces on a lower setting and adjust the heat up from there. Most people start cooking with a higher setting on conventional electric cooktops. On induction this is not the way to activate the heat quickly. This is not necessary with induction cooking.

If you start on a high heat you’ll burn your saucepan and cause a boil over very quickly. The heat from induction cooking is almost immediate and you get very accurate heat control without needing to go too high on the settings too soon.

While you’re reading these Bosch induction cooktop reviews you may like to have a look at this article, What is Induction Cooking?

Extra features on the induction burners

You can’t read Bosch induction cooktop reviews without hearing about the very impressive  Flexible Cooking Zone. This is available on the Bosch Benchmark Series. On the Bosch NITP066UC and the Bosch NITP066SUC there is one Flexible Cooking Zone. You can use one large pan or two normal size pans separately on this zone. The real advantage is that you can use one long shaped pan or griddle in this zone and it will accommodate your pan by straddling the amount of area it needs to heat the whole pan evenly.

sandwich from griddleThere are four inductors under this zone and when you place your pan on the Flexible Cooking Zone it will detect where the pan is.

It will also determine how many inductors it needs to use to heat the pan.

This is a fantastic feature for cooking in a long pan. It’s also great to use with a rectangular griddle for making gourmet sandwiches.

Can I boil water even faster?

The simple answer is yes. The Benchmark induction cooktop includes a SpeedBoost function. This setting provides you with a setting higher than level 9.

boiling waterI would be remiss if I didn’t mention in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews that there is one limitation to the SpeedBoost function. You can only use it for one pan on the Flexible Cooking Zone and one pan on either of the other two induction burners.

This means you can’t use SpeedBoost for two pans that are both in the Flexible Cooking Zone at the same time. Similarly, you can’t use it on two pans on the largest and smallest induction burners at the same time.

Simply put, divide the induction cooktop down the middle vertically and you can only put one pan on each side at a maximum while using SpeedBoost.

I don’t find this to be a problem. Once you bring your water to the boil you need to reduce the heat settings anyway. So I don’t need more than two pans on SpeedBoost on the cooktop. But still, if you’re reading these Bosch induction cooktop reviews to get the details then you should be aware of this limitation.

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Safety features on burners

If you fail to place a pan on one of the induction burners within 90 seconds it will automatically turn off. This will also happen if the cooktop cannot detect a pan on the burner. This may be because there is no pan on there or it may be because the pan is not ferromagnetic and therefore not induction compatible. Either way, if not detected it switches off as a safety precaution.

The Benchmark Series includes an overheating safety feature. If you place an empty pan on a burner it will heat up too quickly damaging the pan.

caution signThe automatic function will switch off the cooktop when it detects the overheating. But if the pan heats too quickly it could cause problems before the auto off function has time to operate. The pan could melt and damage your induction cooktop surface. Therefore, despite the built in safety feature, never leave an empty pan on your cooktop.

Each induction burner has a minimum limit for the pan you use on it. In these Bosch induction cooktop reviews, it would be nice to be able to give you a minimum size of pan you can use on each burner. But Bosch tells us it also depends on the metals used in the pan itself. The recommendation is to use a pan with a base diameter close to the size of the burner.

Each induction burner provides a residual heat indicator. When you remove a pan and the surface is still hot the letter H/h will appear. Once the surface cools down the display goes back to being blank.

kids in kitchenThere is also a control panel lock to stop children accidentally activating the induction cooktop.

This is also a great feature for when you’re cleaning the top including the control panel area. It is very simple to operate. To turn the lock on simply touch the lock button for 4 seconds.
Similarly, you do the same to unlock it. Obviously you don’t want young children to see you do this so they don’t learn how to try it themselves!

The Automatic Panel Lock is a handy feature if you know you need to de-activate the panel regularly. This will activate the panel lock every time you finish cooking when you turn the induction cooktop off.

Another safety feature is the automatic time limitation feature. This feature is activated if an induction burner is being used for a long period of time with the settings unchanged. It shows a warning on the control panel and stops heating the pot on that induction burner. This feature is activated after a certain period of time depending on the heat setting. It varies between 1 and 10 hours for activation.

timerWhile it would be great to be able to tell you in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews the exact time it will be activated, that’s not possible. It depends on a number of different factors interacting.

And while the automatic time limitation feature is great for safety it may cause problems for cooks who want to leave something on their induction cooktop for a long period of time.

If you need to leave your cooking unattended and want it to keep going continuously for more than 1 hour, you may need to reconsider whether Bosch is right for you.

Personally, I love the Bosch built in safety features. I think they’re great for families with children and pets and also great for couples or people living on their own.

However, I know some people will be disappointed if they can’t leave items cooking for hours while they leave the house or even leave the induction cooktop on overnight. If this is you, there are other brands without the automatic time limitation feature. Just check that your smoke alarm is working!

What sort of timer is there?

The most convenient and safest timer is one that automatically switches the induction burner off after a certain time. This is the type of timer included on the Bosch Benchmark NITP066UC and the NITP066SUC models.

Induction cooktops offer great safety features. Are you forgetful? Do distractions get the better of you? Personally, I find the automatic switch off timer to be good for peace of mind if you have young children in the house. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, babysitter or carer, we all know that children are unpredictable and if the cooktop has an added safety feature I say “use it”.

hour glassJust think about it. If you get distracted changing a diaper in another room or you’re helping a toddler to get to the bathroom in time, you may forget about the pot you left cooking at the back of the cooktop, with the handle facing away from the front of the counter (yes, we all know what it’s like cooking with children in the house!). Once the timer reaches the allocated time, you know it turns off.

This feature is also great for the elderly or people who may be mobility impaired where it may take longer to get to the cooktop to turn it off.

Let’s face it. If you’ve had a hard day at work and you come home and start cooking dinner and then take a break by sitting down on the sofa in front of the television, there’s a good chance you’ll lose track of time. If you always set the timer, you’re safer, and you won’t end up with a burnt meal.

You can select a cooking time for each induction burner separately from the others and up to 99 minutes timer for each.

There is an option to select a cooking time for all the induction burners together so the whole induction cooktop turns off automatically after the set duration.

There is also a kitchen timer. This lets you know when a certain amount of time has elapsed. But it does not switch off the induction cooktop.

What about cleaning?

Bosch induction cooktop reviews - induction means easy cleaning for youIt would be crazy to write these Bosch induction cooktop reviews without mentioning, cleaning. Cleaning is a breeze on induction cooktops and the Bosch Benchmark model NITP066UC and model NITP066SUC. Extra features mean cleaning is easier on these models.

In addition to the panel lock mentioned above there is a wipe protection function.

The panel lock is great if you want to activate it because you know your cleaners will be coming into the house that day. It is also great if you have children, as a safety feature. But sometimes you don’t want to be holding the panel lock button for 4 seconds every time you want to give the cooktop a wipe over.

The wipe protection function is the same as the panel lock but when you touch the button, instead of holding it for 4 seconds, it only activates the panel lock for 35 seconds while you wipe up some cooking splatter or clean up a mess from a boil over.

When you use the wipe protection function it protects you from changing the induction cooktop settings accidentally as you wipe over the control panel.

The advantage of the wipe protection function is that it can be activated while the induction cooktop is on. It is activated for 35 seconds so you can’t access the controls during this time. However, you can still turn off the power on the cooktop while this function is activated so it does accommodate safety in a couple different ways.

Once the wipe protection function is finished it gives a beep to indicate that the control panel is active again.

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The Bosch Benchmark Series, 36-inch Induction Cooktops

Bosch NITP666UC at


Now, in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews, we look at the larger Benchmark model.  The Bosch Benchmark 36-inch Series is almost identical to the 30-inch series reviewed above. Similarly, there is the option of a black appearance (Bosch Benchmark model NITP666UC) or a black induction cooktop with a stainless steel edge (Bosch Benchmark NITP666SUC). Both models are reviewed here.

The best thing about the 36-inch models is the extra Flexible Cooking Zone induction burner. There are two Flexible Cooking Zones on the larger models.

Another advantage over the smaller models is that you get three SpeedBoost function zones across the cooktop instead of two. This is explained in more detail below.

Induction burners

On the Bosch Benchmark 36-inch models there is one large round conventional looking induction burner in the center. There are another two rectangular-shaped Flexible Cooking Zone induction burners on either side of the round one.

Each Flexible Cooking Zone is 15-inches by 8-inches.

Griddle SandwichIf you’ve been reading these Bosch induction cooktop reviews through from the beginning, you’ll be familiar with the concept of the Flexible Cooking Zone by now.

These Flexible Cooking Zone induction burners can each be used for one normal-sized round pot. They can each be used for two normal-sized round pots. They can also be used with one larger griddle pan on each. The two Flexible Cooking Zones give you more variety in your cooking options.

The round induction burner in the center of the Bosch Benchmark 36-inch cooktop also comes with options. It can be used as a 12-inch diameter induction burner. It can also be used as an 8-inch or 9-inch burner in the alternative. This is important because you are not limited to using large induction pots or pans on this element.

Boiling water fast

Similar to the review above, the SpeedBoost function lets you boil water at a temperature higher than setting 9.

boiling waterThe difference on the Benchmark 36-inch model is that there is an extra zone. This means you can use SpeedBoost for up to three pots at the same time. While two is often enough, three may come in handy if you have a large family or you like entertaining a lot.

The three zones are split vertically, left, center and right, as you face the induction cooktop. Therefore, the left Flexible Cooking Zone can take one pot, the centre induction burner can take another and the right-hand Flexible Cooking Zone can another pot and all three pots can be using SpeedBoost at the same time.

When using SpeedBoost on a Flexible Cooking Zone it is recommended by Bosch that you place the pot in the center of the zone and not at one end or the other. This allows the fast boiling option to work best.


If you take a look above in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews, you’ll see the details about the different timers available on the Benchmark Series. Similar to the 30-inch series, the 36-inch series has both cooking timers and a kitchen timer.

The cooking timer switches off automatically at the end of the cooking time. And the kitchen timer emits a beeping noise at the end of the countdown but does not switch off the induction burner.

Other features

The other features are the same as the 30-inch models reviewed above. They have the same safety features, the same heat settings and the same cleaning advantages.

When deciding on an induction cooktop, the main difference is the size. If you have room for the larger model and you enjoy cooking, the Bosch Benchmark 36-inch model is the way to go. It looks good and it gives you all the flexibility you need to cook impressive meals.



Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktops, 30-inch model

Bosch NIT5066UC at


The Bosch 500 Series includes one induction cooktop available in the 30-inch size and one in the 36-inch size.

This part of the review will cover the 30-inch model. This is the Bosch NIT5066UC. It comes in a black ceramic finish.

The Bosch 500 Series induction cooktops are less expensive than the 800 Series or the Benchmark Series. But they are still impressive. They look good and they offer some great features.

What does it offer?

This 30-inch induction cooktop has four circular shaped induction burners with the largest being 11-inches. There is also an 8-inch induction burner and two 6-inch ones.

Bosch induction cooktop reviews - Bosch boils water fastAll the induction burners have SpeedBoost. This allows you to cook at a temperature higher than the highest heat setting which is shown as a “9” on the control panel. When you activate SpeedBoost it shows a “b” (for boost!) on the panel and, according to Bosch, boils water at twice the speed of conventional electric cooktops.

This induction cooktop is divided into two zones for the purpose of the SpeedBoost. This means you can use SpeedBoost on one of the two induction burners on the left-hand side at the same time as using one of the two induction burners on the right-hand side. However, you cannot use SpeedBoost for two pots at the same time in the same zone.

When using the SpeedBoost function the largest 11-inch induction burner uses a maximum of 3,600 watts while in normal usage it uses a maximum of 2,400 watts.

Are the controls the same as other Bosch models?

No. The control panel for the 500 series induction cooktop is smaller than those on the Benchmark or the 800 series.

Personally I rather like the smaller control panel. It is not as long or spread out like the other ones. Being smaller, it is less likely to get under a pot or get splatters on it. Not that splatters are a problem on any induction cooktops because they don’t burn onto the surface and are easy to wipe up. However, occasionally a splatter may affect your controls because it makes your fingers greasy or wet.

The control for the 500 series requires you to take the heat settings up one half level at a time. While this is slightly slower than going to the heat setting directly you get used to it very quickly. I have addressed the difference between heat settings on the different control panels below. Please see below for more details.

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Is there a timer?

Yes. There are three types of timer on the 500 series. First, there’s a cooking timer for each induction burner which counts down and then automatically switches off the burner at the end.

And there’s also an automatic timer that operates for the whole induction cooktop and shuts it off after the set time has expired.

You also get a kitchen timer. This allows you to use it for the induction cooktop or for anything else as well. This timer is independent of the other functions on the cooktop and does not turn anything off when it reaches the end. It emits a beeping sound at completion.

Any safety features?

Yes. Like most Bosch appliances there are plenty of safety features, starting with the residual heat indicator. If the surface of the induction cooktop is hot from residual heat an “H/h” shows on the display panel.

If there is no pot on the induction burner after it is turned on the appliance will turn it off after a while as a safety precaution.

Once all the induction burners have been switched off, the entire cooktop will switch off automatically after 20 seconds of no further use.

kids cookingThere is a child safety panel lock to stop children accidentally turning on the induction cooktop. You can select one of the basic settings to have the panel lock activate every time you turn the appliance off.

There is an automatic time safety limitation. This feature is activated if the induction cooktop is left operating without any change in settings being made for a certain time period. This time period varies according to the heat setting being used. It varies between 1 and 10 hours, according to the information Bosch provides.

As mentioned above in the Benchmark induction cooktop review, this automatic time limitation is a safety feature but it may annoy people who like to leave their cooking for long periods of time. If you are passionate about canning or you often cook a large pot roast you may want to think about this feature very seriously. You may want to opt for a different brand of induction cooktop.

Are there any cleaning features?

Cleaning is easy because it is induction. There are no burnt on spills to worry about. In addition, the 500 series includes the panel lock, mentioned above, which not only stops children activating the cooktop but also gives you peace of mind that you won’t accidentally change any settings on the control panel when you’re cleaning your cooktop.


Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktops, 36-inch model

Bosch NIT5666UC Induction Cooktop Review


The Bosch 500 Series 36-inch NIT5666UC model comes in a black ceramic finish.
The 36-inch model is identical in features to the 30-inch model. However, it does offer advantages with an extra induction burner and three SpeedBoost zones instead of two on the 30-inch model.

The layout includes five circular induction burners. There is a large 11-inch induction burner with the same wattage as the 30-inch model. This large burner is slightly different to the one on the 30-inch model in that it is a dual induction burner. Use this burner as either an 11-inch or as a 7-inch.

If you’re reading these Bosch induction cooktop reviews to find out about the burner sizes then here is it. The four other induction burners comprise: an 8-inch x1, a 7-inch x2 and a 6-inch x1.
All five induction burners include SpeedBoost with similar limitations about only one burner being able to use it in each zone. The advantage of this larger model is that there are three zones so you can use three pots on SpeedBoost at the same time.

This model offers the same safety features as the 30-inch model. In addition it includes the wipe protection feature, similar to the Benchmark Series. The wipe protection allows you to touch the panel lock button once and it will lock the control panel for 35 seconds so you can wipe away a spill without changing settings on the control panel.

The Bosch 500 Series 36-inch NIT5666UC offers the same three timers which are included on the Bosch 500 30-inch model. It also has the time limitation automatic shut off feature for safety and the same panel lock for safety.

The control panel is different from the Bosch NIT5066UC 30-inch. On the 36-inch, the heat settings are all visible in a linear display horizontally along the bottom of the control panel. You can select a heat setting directly. You still need to touch the control to select the induction burner first but then you go straight to the number you want for heat. This is similar to the control panel for the Bosch Benchmark series reviewed above.

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Bosch 800 Series Induction Cooktops, 30-inch models

Bosch NIT8066UC Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews

AmazonThe Bosch 800 Series induction cooktop 30-inch models come in two options, the black model or the black with stainless steel edge model. Essentially the both models are the same in features with the aesthetics being the only difference. The black model is Bosch NIT8066UC and the stainless steel edge model is Bosch NIT8066SUC.

Both of these models have a shared user manual. This is important to mention in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews, so you realise how similar they are. It is just a matter of personal preference on appearance.

Many of the features are similar to the Bosch 500 Series 30-inch models reviewed above. These 30-inch induction cooktops all have the same number of induction burners. And they are the same size burners with the same power/wattage.

All the induction burners have SpeedBoost for rapid heating above the highest heat setting. The zone limitations for using SpeedBoost on two burners at a time are the same on all these models.

Bosch induction cooktop reviews safety featuresThe safety features are the same, as are the cleaning features. They all include the safety lock function and the wipe protection feature.

There is a cooking timer for each induction burner which automatically switches it off after the time allocated.

The display panel for the 800 Series 30-inch models is different to the 500 Series 30-inch model. On the 800 Series the heat selection is a direct selection after choosing the induction burner you want to operate. There is no need to toggle up or down through the numbers on the 800 Series.

What is AutoChef?

One of the most important features to mention in these Bosch induction cooktop reviews is AutoChef. AutoChef is a feature unique to Bosch induction cooktops. It is only available on the Bosch 800 Series.

AutoChef is available on the front two induction burners on the 800 Series.

AutoChef keeps your pan at a certain heat level without needing to adjust it up and down manually. This feature only works for frying, not boiling. There are special Bosch pans you can buy in three different sizes. They come in small, medium and large. And these work best when using the AutoChef function. You can use your own pan but the settings provided in the user manual are optimal for the Bosch pans.

When using AutoChef there are four heat levels: minimum, low, medium and max.

Bosch induction cooktop reviews - fryingThe example settings included in the frying chart are for meat, egg products like omelettes, vegetables, frozen products, potatoes and ready-made meals. There are lots of more specific examples within each category. And the heat level as well as the cooking time is given.

The advantage of using AutoChef is that the oil in the pan won’t overheat. The heat setting will automatically adjust as required to keep the temperature constant. It only heats when it needs to and this saves energy.

One disappointing part of the AutoChef feature is that it isn’t available on the largest induction burner. Therefore you can only use a pan that is suitable for the medium or smaller sized burners. While this is not a huge factor for most people, it is worth knowing about before making your decision on which Bosch induction cooktop to buy.

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Bosch 800 Series Induction Cooktops, 36-inch models

Bosch NIT8666SUC at


If you’re looking at Bosch induction cooktop reviews to find a large and powerful cooktop then this one would be a contender. There are two 36-inch models, the Bosch NIT8666SUC is the black model and the Bosch NIT8666UC is the black with stainless steel edge model.

The features are the same on the two 36-inch Bosch induction cooktops and they both share a user instruction manual. The features are also very similar to the 800 Series 30-inch models. Obviously, the larger cooktops include an extra induction burner. There is also an extra SpeedBoost zone. So you can use this feature on three pans at the same time instead of only two.

The largest induction burner is a dual element and can be used as either a 9-inch or 12-inch maximum burner. This offers greater flexibility in your pan selection.

The AutoChef feature is still offered on the front two induction burners only, similar to the 800 Series 30-inch models.

The reason you would choose the 36-inch model over a smaller one is to benefit from having five burners. This is an advantage over having four, and you get an extra SpeedBoost zone. The larger models also look more impressive in your kitchen. That’s if you happen to have the extra space (just my opinion!).

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Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews – Questions Answered…

Differences between the Bosch 500 Series 30-inch and the Bosch 800 Series.

When you’re reading Bosch induction cooktop reviews, the detail can be overwhelming. Here are some of the main differences to be aware of.

One of the main differences is the controls.

The control panel on the Bosch 800 Series allows you to select the induction burner. And then you select the heat directly by tapping a linear numbers selection for the heat setting. You can go directly to the heat you want. This is because all the numbers are set out in front of you to see.

The control panel for the 500 series, 30-inch, has a similar process where you select the induction burner first. You then select the heat. But the heat setting comprises ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs for you to toggle up or down to achieve the desired heat setting. It takes a little bit longer. We are only talking seconds. But if you think it will annoy you then the 800 series is probably more suitable.

When I first used a 500 series 30-inch model with this type of control panel I was quite infuriated that you need to keep tapping the numbers up to get to the right heat setting. However, once I used it a few times I realized I could keep my finger on the touch button and the numbers kept going up. Not so much tapping.

Once I was familiar with the controls on the 500 series it was easy to select the heat setting I needed. This is because I became familiar with cooking oatmeal or pasta or whatever the meal required. Therefore, at the beginning I realized my frustration was not so much about the control panel itself. It was more about my unfamiliarity with what level heat setting the recipe required.

Like any new appliance you need time to adjust to the controls and find out what heat setting suits what food you’re cooking.

Why is the Bosch 800 Series more expensive than the Bosch 500 Series?

When you’re reading through Bosch induction cooktop reviews, money is an important consideration. The 800 series is more expensive than the 500 series. One of the reasons for this is that the 800 Series includes a feature called AutoChef.

If you’ve read about the Bosch 800 series above you will be familiar with this feature. AutoChef is technology which maintains precise cooking temperatures automatically without the need to adjust the heat setting yourself.

Difference between the Bosch Benchmark Series and the Bosch 500/800 Series.

Quite simply, the Bosch Benchmark Series includes a Flexible Cooking Zone. One of them is included on the 30-inch model and two are included on the 36-inch model.

The Benchmark Series is more expensive than the 500/800 Series. But the Flexible Cooking Zone is a huge advantage if you need to use a larger pan. There are only a few induction cooktops which allow you to combine induction burners. This is great to create a large cooking area. If you’re interested in another brand which offers a flexible cooking zone, check out the GE models and look at a review here.

The Flexible Cooking Zone can be used in three different ways. You can cook with one normal sized pot on it. You can use two normal sized pots on it to cook separately just like they are on separate induction burners. Alternatively, you can use the whole zone together and use one long oval or rectangular shaped pan.

With this flexibility on offer you should try and extend your budget to afford a Bosch Benchmark series induction cooktop if possible. Anyone who enjoys cooking will enjoy having the variety of options with the Flexible Cooking Zone. It also has SpeedBoost on it which is handy for bringing water to the boil quickly. Just remember you can only use SpeedBoost on one pot in this zone, not two.

Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews – In summary

If you’ve read a few Bosch induction cooktop reviews, you know by now, Bosch make impressive induction cooktops. Bosch focuses on good safety features. The automatic timers on separate induction burners are not only a great safety feature, for anyone who is likely to be forgetful, but they’re also a wonderful feature for setting your mind at ease. And that’s so important when you’re multitasking in the kitchen (isn’t that all of us?).

If you’re finding it hard to make a decision on a new induction cooktop start with the size you can fit in your kitchen and then start analysing the way you cook. Do you need AutoChef (800 Series) to automatically control the heat level when you’re frying? Would it give you a lot more options when cooking to have a Flexible Cooking Zone (Benchmark Series)? If you like to use a long fish pan to cook whole fish or use a griddle pan then the Flexible Cooking Zone is ideal for you.

If your budget is limited you will be very happy with a 500 Series 30-inch model. You get SpeedBoost in two zones as well as a compact control panel. This might just be an advantage to you over the larger panels on the larger models. All the safety features are excellent on all the Bosch induction cooktops.

If your budget extends far enough the Bosch Benchmark Series 36-inch model is going to delight you. With the advantage of having two Flexible Cooking Zones you have a lot of options opened up to you. There is the simplicity of using the induction burners separately like any other induction cooktop or combining to take advantage of the Flexible Cooking Zone flexibility in two areas.

If you’ve used Bosch appliances in your kitchen before, you’ll know that these Bosch induction cooktop reviews speak of good quality. The aesthetics are pleasing and the safety features are top notch.


Note: this review comprises personal opinion only and should not be relied upon to form a decision. Please undertake your own research on factual accuracy and suitability before making your purchase.


6 thoughts on “Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews – Do You Know The Differences?

  1. Gail S

    Thank you! This is a fabulous compilation of comparison data. Bosch should hire you to enhance their website. I have already decided on a Bosch but have been undecided regarding the model.

    Speaking of the website…I am a bit confused about burner size. For example, you mention in your article that the 500 series/36″ model has a middle burner that accommodates a 7″ or 11″ pan plus a 6″, 7″, and 8″ burner. The Bosch website specs do not identify the size of the middle burner but claim the other 3 are 7″, 7″ and 6″. Perhaps there is something I am missing wrt burner sizes. But I am just slightly concerned as I read in another review that the Bosch cooktops were a bit sensitive to pan size.

    Can you set me straight on this?

    1. Edwina Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Gail. I’m glad you’re finding the information useful. I found the Bosch website a bit limited when I went there too. For the Bosch 500 Series 36” NIT5666UC, take a look at this link for the diameters of the induction burners:

      It mentions the induction burners as 6” x1, 7” x2, 8” x1 plus the larger middle one. If you look at the photos on the Bosch website or on Amazon or elsewhere, this matches the photos where the two left burners are the same size and there is one smaller and one larger on the right hand side.

      In the Bosch NIT5666UC Manual on page 10 it mentions about the middle induction burner being a “dual element”. It is turned on automatically when using cookware with a base the same size as the outer zone. This is how it can be used as either an 11” or a 7” burner. It adjusts automatically.

      Personally I’ve never had a problem on my own Bosch induction cooktops with pan size. But I don’t use really small pans. When I’ve used larger ones, it’s been fine and the heat was still even.

      Good luck with your purchase decision. I can only hope you buy through one of my links 😉
      Enjoy your new induction cooktop. I’m sure you will!

  2. Cindy

    Hi – Thanks so much for your comparison. I’ve been reading the manuals and reviews of the Bosch cooktop products, but you put it all together concisely. It’s great. But I have another question: what about noise? I was on the verge of buying a Bosch induction, then I read that other people have complaints about noise from induction cooktops: humming, clicking, even whistling. Do you know if the Bosch induction cooktops are noisy? Any info would be helpful. Thanks again.

    1. Edwina Post author

      Hi Cindy. Thanks for your comment (and question). In my personal experience I find that the type of pot or pan you’re using makes more of a difference to the noise than the actual cooktop. Most induction cooktops will produce a little bit of noise occasionally but I don’t find it a problem – and believe me there are plenty of noises around my home that really drive me crazy, so if my induction cooktop was one of those types of noise I would get rid of it. I’m currently using a Bosch cooktop where one of my pots definitely makes more noise than other ones but it is still well below the annoying level. Yes, sometimes Bosch (as well as other brands) make a clicking noise but to put it in comparison, if I stir the food in the pot the stirring makes more noise than the clicking noise. It is very much in the background. Recently one of my LED light bulbs on the ceiling of my kitchen started making a slight hissing noise – again this noise was greater than any noise from the cooktop (and I removed the offending light bulb because that slight hissing was driving me crazy).
      Obviously it is a matter of personal preference so it’s hard to really come up with a definitive answer but I hope these examples from my own personal experience help you. Good luck choosing your induction cooktop – I think you’ll love cooking with induction.

  3. James Nguyen

    We will be renovating our kitchen with new cabinets, kitchen island and appliances after Thanksgiving. We would have done it sooner but the kitchen would not be completed in time for Thanksgiving so we decide to wait a bit longer. Along with replacing with new cabinets, we wanted new appliances as well. Since I’m the cook in the family, I’m not only particular with the functionality of the appliances, functionality, aesthetic, and durability. The recommendation I received from one Bray and Scarff appliance store was GE Profile. After reading up on other people review from other places, I decided to look around some more and came across Bosch 36″ induction cook top. The review I saw were much more positive than that of comparable GE Profile. After running into your review and read more into it, I am convinced that this is exactly what I’m looking for. I still have to look into double wall mounted convection oven, wall mounted microwave, downdraft for the cooktop, and a French door refrigerator.

  4. Peter

    Thank you for this informative post. I had pretty much settled on the 800 36″ but your comments about the Benchmark and its flexible cooking zones have intrigued me. I must say, however, that Bosch doesn’t do a great job of explaining it and even after reading this I still have a critical question. How do you control two different pots on the single zone? Do they have to be at the same heat level? Or does something light up representing each pot so that you can control them independently?

    Thanks for your reply.


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