Best Sous Vide Machine Reviews – Essential Info Before You Buy

Best Sous Vide Machine ReviewsSous vide cooking is very popular at the moment. But lots of people don’t realize how easy it is to use sous vide at home. This is a method of cooking which makes you look like a professional chef without any training at all. If you’re looking for the best sous vide machine reviews to cook sous vide at home, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve done any research at all, you’ll know by now there are two different types of sous vide machines available. There’s the sous vide immersion circulator and the sous vide oven.

Both sous vide machines are capable of doing a great job at giving you a perfectly cooked steak, so it comes down to the specific features and personal preference. Let’s take a look and see which is the best sous vide machine for you.

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Which sous vide should I buy?

sous vide brunchPersonally, I use both types of sous vide machine. I like owning both and I’ll explain why. But I don’t recommend both for every home cook.

The sous vide immersion circulator can be used in a pot or container you already own.

I have favorite pots in my kitchen I like to use for sous vide. So when I’m cooking for the family mid-week I usually opt for my immersion circulator in a pot sitting on a silicone trivet on the counter.

My counter is granite and I probably don’t need the trivet but to be honest I don’t know much about the properties of granite and I’d hate to cause a crack or similar from my pot being too hot, so I take the precaution.

Cooking for a family of four or five (that’s including children) is not difficult in your own pot.

You do need to ensure there is sufficient water around each pouch of food. This is important and I’ll comment on this later.

So long as the food fits in your pot, a sous vide immersion circulator is extremely convenient because it is smaller and can be easily stored in a kitchen drawer.

For everyday convenience at home, an immersion circulator is probably the best sous vide machine to own.

For the price, a sous vide oven gives you convenience and incredible professional results. They are not cheap but once you get one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

When I’m cooking for friends at a dinner party I prefer to use my sous vide oven. I know I could use my immersion circulator in a larger container but personally this doesn’t appeal.

I’m the sort of person who likes to take the sous vide oven out of the cupboard ready to go.

I simply fill it and place the food inside and presto, it’s on its own and I don’t need to worry about evaporation or temperature variation.

Yes, I know there are plastic containers that come with special lids for your immersion circulator so you can avoid evaporation.

And yes, I know there are other special accessories like insulation balls or even just using aluminum foil to cover your container but once again, it’s a matter of personal choice.

If I have to store a large container to fit a larger quantity of food I prefer to make it a sous vide oven (all-in-one) rather than just a container which the immersion circulator can go into.

As I said, it’s a matter of personal preference. And you need to find the best sous vide machine to suit your cooking style.

Of course, I know this is a bit of a luxury owning both types of sous vide machine. I certainly don’t expect the casual home cook to go and buy both. Heck, before I started taking cooking seriously I would never have even dreamt of buying more than one type of sous vide machine.

I just wanted to explain the reason for owning each. Hopefully it will help you with your own buying decisions.

How to sous vide at home?

steakBefore you launch into acquiring the best sous vide machine for home, stop and think. Think about what you want to use it for.

Most people think of steak first. Sure, steak is probably the best food to see professional cooking results from sous vide, but open your mind to all possibilities.

Would you like to cook oatmeal overnight so it is ready when you wake up in the morning?

Would you prefer to do some vegetarian cooking using sous vide? Are eggs important in your diet? Are you keen about desserts? You need to ask yourself these question to find the best sous vide machine.

There are limitless recipes for sous vide cooking. Home cooks ask, what is the best sous vide machine? But really, you need to ask yourself, what will I cook with sous vide?

creme brulee sous videIf you are going to cook vegetables or desserts like crème brulee or custard there is a high chance of the moisture content expanding the pouch and causing it to float.

Click here to check out these silicone covered magnets for sous vide cooking. They attach to the side or bottom of your pot and stop the food pouch from floating.

Floating is bad for sous vide cooking.

It is important that the water surrounding the pouch be in contact with the pouch and the food. If there is an air gap the temperature is not constant through the actual food.

Also, if the pouch floats to the top of the water, the area exposed at the top is not getting to the necessary temperature to pasteurize the food. Pasteurization of food, in particular animal products, is essential to keep food safe and healthy (see more on this below).

To avoid the food pouch floating, it is possible to buy a sous vide oven with horizontal racks. You can place the pouches between the horizontal racks to keep the food from floating. You may want to think about this before deciding on the best sous vide machine for yourself.

Sous vide for the home cook

Once you decide on what you want to cook it’s a good idea to find out the cooking requirements for heat and time.

best sous vide machineWhen you’re finding the best sous vide machine for home you need to understand that the temperature setting determines the doneness of food.

For example, if you want your steak cooked medium rare you set the temperature for medium rare and there is no way you will ever overcook it.

This is why you’ll achieve professional results with minimum effort. However, I hear you saying: What about the different thicknesses of steak?

If you have a thin steak it will require less time than a thicker cut to achieve pasteurization of the meat. Pasteurization is what makes the steak safe to eat because the bacteria levels in the meat are lowered to a safe level.

steak for best sous vide machinePasteurization is important for foods like animal products and this applies whether you’re using sous vide or a traditional method of cooking.

When you grill or broil a steak the temperatures are very high and pasteurization is achieved very quickly.

When you sous vide steak, pasteurization takes longer but it also means you don’t have to overcook the meat. This is why sous vide cooking provides incredible flavor and texture with even color. When you’re looking to buy the best sous vide machine, it’s to achieve restaurant quality food. Am I right? This is why flavor and texture are so important.

You may have heard the name Douglas Baldwin associated with sous vide.  Dr Douglas Baldwin is a mathematician and an expert on sous vide cooking. He is a published author on the subject and is highly regarded by many chefs.

Dr Baldwin provides free access to online tables showing the pasteurization times needed for safe cooking with sous vide. See the link here if you’re interested in reading Dr Baldwin’s Practical Guide.

His tables are a good reference point for sous vide cooking. Most sous vide cookbooks or the app which comes with your sous vide machine will also give you recommendations for temperature and cooking time depending on what you’re cooking.

How to sous vide chicken

sous vide chickenAre you looking for the best sous vide machine to cook poultry? Cooking poultry using sous vide is very different to cooking steak.

You will have heard about minimum temperatures needed to cook poultry safely. No one wants to poison their family or friends.

Interestingly you can still use sous vide to cook poultry but you need to know the facts before you do it.

If you know what you’re doing and what risks to avoid you can eat very tender chicken with more flavor than you’ve ever tasted before.

If you’re keen to cook chicken at a lower temperature with sous vide to produce incredible flavor and texture, please read this article from the food lab at Serious Eats. It is very informative and should help a home cook understand what to do.

How to sous vide eggs

I’m not going to cover every food and how to cook it in this article but I do want to mention eggs. Eggs are very important in a lot of people’s diets.

Whether you’re counting calories, trying to increase protein or saving a few dollars, eggs tick a lot of boxes.

soft eggsEggs can be used for breakfast, in savory dishes, in sweet desserts, and the list goes on!

One of the greatest advantages of using sous vide is when you’re cooking brunch for a large group and you want to include eggs on the menu. The best sous vide machine for you at home is one that lets you save time when entertaining.

There is a method of cooking poached eggs using sous vide that allows you to do most of the time-consuming part of the cooking in advance. You can cook eggs without a pouch because their shell contains them.

For the perfect poached egg, you cook a soft boiled egg in its shell using sous vide and then rapidly cool the eggs to store them in the fridge.

The next day when you’re hosting brunch you simply place the peeled egg in poaching water in a pot (just barely simmering, below boiling point) to warm and finish the poached egg.

This is quite an advantage when you’re dealing with a large crowd. If you’ve ever tried to poach lots of eggs from scratch all at the same time to serve to a large group you’ll really appreciate the sous vide method.

scrambled eggsOf course, you can scramble eggs beautifully using a sous vide cooker.

It is best to agitate the pouch a few times during cooking to achieve perfect scrambled eggs.

There are plenty of recipes online for sous vide eggs which help you decide on the correct temperature and time for a perfect result.

Sous vide for meal prep

Have you jumped on board with the idea of doing meal prep for the week? Maybe you make your lunch to take to work for the week. Some families meal prep on the weekend for an entire week of dinners for the family.

I know one family with four young children who all have different food allergies and they meal prep for the week so there is food for everyone at mealtime and they can still keep to a routine.

Meal Prep Using Sous Vide

Meal prep isn’t for everyone. It does take a lot of organization and patience to actually do all that preparation ahead of time.

However, if you are trying to eat healthy, avoid takeout or follow a strict diet, meal prep may bring a sparkle to your eye.  It can also save you money. Once you find the best sous vide machine to buy, you’ll be able to experiment with using it for meal prep.

Did you know sous vide is perfect for meal prep? Many restaurants and caterers use sous vide and a blast chiller to meal prep too!

The secret to using sous vide for meal prep is to know how to rapidly chill the food after cooking and before placing it in the fridge or freezer. Like any food handling procedure you’re new to, you need to know what you’re doing.

Obviously a home cook is not going to rush out and purchase a blast chiller. But there are other methods of bringing the temperature of your food down quickly so it doesn’t linger in the danger zone of temperatures where bacteria may multiply.

We all know this as a matter of good food handling but it is a matter of finding your own practical way to achieve it. The principle of rapidly cooling food for storage before reheating it is the same for traditional methods of cooking and sous vide.

There are plenty of articles addressing this topic on the internet. Personally I like to use a large tub of 50% ice and 50% chilled water to submerge the food, still in the pouches, after cooking.

The length of time to submerge depends on the food. There are cooling tables contained in Dr. Douglas Baldwin’s Guide to Sous Vide Cooking ( The cooking tables make reference to the thickness and the shape of the food.

These sorts of tables can be very handy. If you’re going to meal prep, be sure to have a cooling table at the ready before your food has finished cooking so you’re good to go.

And make sure you have room in the fridge or freezer for after the rapid cooling stage (is everyone always short on fridge space, or is it just me!)

The best sous vide machine to buy

best sous vide machine reviewsSo, what’s the best sous vide machine for using at home? You really need to look at some reviews.

There are plenty of sous vide machines available. Some of them are a very reasonable price.

Keep in mind the wattage of each product, its maximum water circulation capacity and any special features like Wifi or Bluetooth.

I also like to make a decision based on the method by which an immersion circulator attaches to the pot or container and what the minimum and maximum water levels can be for that particular immersion circulator.

For sous vide ovens I like to know whether the racks can be used horizontal as well as vertical and whether there is enough capacity to feed a dinner party. These are the criteria I look for in the best sous vide machine.

The following reviews are divided into two categories: sous vide immersion circulators and sous vide ovens.

As mentioned above, I own both types but if you’re trying to decide on what the best sous vide machine is for you, I’d begin looking at the immersion circulators.

For most home cooks the best sous vide machine is one that is smaller to store and cheaper to buy. This is where an immersion circulator fits the bill.

With such a high standard now available in the latest sous vide immersion circulators, some home cooks even prefer to own two immersion circulators for larger families or dinner parties rather than going down the track of buying a sous vide oven.

Prices are now within the range of affordable and the technique is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try sous vide sooner. It’s time to find the best sous vide machine for you at home.

After looking at most of the sous vide machines available, here are our top choices for sous vide immersion circulators and sous vide ovens.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Reviews

Anova Precision Cooker, Bluetooth

Best sous vide machineAmazon Anova Bluetooth

The Anova Precision Cooker comes in two models. One offers Bluetooth, the other WiFi.

The Bluetooth model offers the following features:

  • Power: 800 watts
  • Power input: 110-120V
  • Temperature range: 77°F to 210°F ± 0.01°F
  • Timer: 99 hours
  • Maximum water capacity: 4–5 Gallons (15-19 Liters)
  • Color: Black top and silver metal skirt
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (older Bluetooth versions like 3.0 and 2.0 will not work with the Anova Precision Cooker so you’ll need to check what version your smartphone is using)
  • Smartphone App: the Precision Cooker can be used with the app. You can also use it by adjusting the settings on the immersion cooker display without the help of the app. So, for those of you who are asking, the answer is yes, you can happily use the device without downloading the app.
  • Minimum water level: 4.25 inches. There are easy-to-see level indicators on the lower metal part of the Precision Cooker which makes it easy to see how much water you need.
  • Dishwasher friendly: yes, the removable skirt can be removed from the Precision Cooker and washed in the dishwasher. The rest of the device should be wiped over with a cloth to clean it.
  • Clamp: the clamp has been updated since previous older models. It tightens by way of a screw and works on more pots and containers than the previous type.
I’ve seen the Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker for under $200 ($199.99 to be precise) but you can get it online for around $150. If you see it under $150 that’s a good price. HERE is the best price I could find from either online or in store.

Anova Precision Cooker, WiFi 2nd Generation

If you’re keen to start cooking while you’re out of the house, the WiFi model should be your first choice.

Anova WiFiAmazon Anova WiFiThis model’s features:

  • Power: 900 watts
  • Power input: 110-120V
  • Temperature range: 77°F to 210°F ± 0.01°F
  • Maximum water capacity: 4–5 Gallons (15-19 Liters)
  • Timer: 99 hours
  • Color: Black on top with metal silver skirt
  • water level: 4.25 inches (with easy-to-see water level indicators on the device)
  • Dishwasher: yes, the removable skirt goes in the dishwasher. You can wipe down the top part.
  • Clamp: same as the Bluetooth model, the clamp screws on and is usable on a variety of different containers.
  • Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 (yes, just like already mentioned above you can’t get it to connect with Bluetooth 3.0 or 2.0 so check your smartphone specs). Connecting the Anova Precision Cooker to your household WiFi is very easy, similar to connecting any WiFi device. Just make sure you have your WiFi password handy.
  • Smartphone App: you can use the Anova Precision Cooker manually, without the app. But if you are going to purchase this device with the WiFi capability, why not use it?

I understand some people want to know that it will work without the app (I am actually one of those people. I like to plan for every contingency – what if I lose my phone, what if the network goes down, what if I need to lend my phone to a friend etc etc. But really, is there ever a time I don’t have my phone on me. No!).

So, let’s get real. The app is awesome. It gives you great pictures to help you choose the doneness of your food so you can select the correct temperature. The app sends you alerts.

The app is an easy way to help you check the temperature of your sous vide cooking while sitting on the couch. And if you always have your phone with you anyway, why not use it for sous vide cooking.

Also, there are over 1,000 recipes included on the app so you don’t need to buy a cookbook!
Both of the latest Anova Precision Cookers are high quality for perfect sous vide cooking at home.

I would choose either one of these happily. They are precise, they are simple to use and they provide great information via the Anova Culinary App.

If you’re looking for the best sous vide machine for home cooking, you can’t go past the Anova Precision Cooker. It is highly regarded by many professional chefs as well as home cooks.

The Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 2nd Generation fluctuates in price online. If you can get it for under $200 it’s a good deal. HERE is the best price I could find.


ChefSteps CS10001 Joule

best sous vide machine

ChefSteps Joule at

The ChefSteps Joule sous vide immersion circulator is equally as impressive as the Anova Precision Cooker (reviewed above). But it does have different features.

If you want to jump straight to a price for the Joule, click here: Amazon Joule

The first thing you notice about the Joule is how small it is. This is handy if you want to store your sous vide machine in the silverware drawer. If you’re wanting a small immersion circulator then this is definitely the best sous vide machine for you.

It is only 11 inches tall. The Anova, in comparison, is almost 15 inches.

The Joule is also very good-looking. It is sleek and slim. But you’ll notice it doesn’t have a face. By that, I mean there is no display or settings. This is the main difference with Anova, the Joule must be controlled through your smart device.

If you always have your smart phone with you, this is actually an advantage. But, if you hesitate at the thought of the Joule not working independently, you probably need to look at another sous vide immersion circulator.

The best sous vide machine for a home cook is one you’re totally happy with.

Interestingly, there is one manual control button on the top of the Joule. If your phone dies during cooking and you need to stop the Joule it can be done manually by pressing the top button for 1 second.

The best sous vide machine is the one you’re comfortable with, so follow your own instincts when it comes to manual control versus remote control from a smartphone.

The Joule features:

  • Power: 1,100 watts: With this much power the Joule heats the water faster than other sous vide immersion circulators.
    This may be important for you to get your cooking established quickly so you can then leave it to do its own thing. However, the whole concept of sous vide cooking is a slow process. So if you don’t mind a bit of extra time to reach the required temperature then this feature may not rate highly with you.
    But the higher wattage also means the Joule has a higher maximum water capacity as well. Even if you don’t want to heat your water fast, this may be critical if you need to cook large amounts of food.
  • Power input: 100 – 120V
  • Color: white with silver touches
  • Minimum Water Capacity: 1.5 inches deep
  • Maximum Water Capacity: 10 gallons (40 liters)
  • Maximum Temperature: 208°F (98°C) at sea level, otherwise 3.6°F (2°C) below the local boiling point.This may be important if you’re planning to cook up in the mountains where there is reduced air pressure at the higher altitude. It results in a lower boiling point.

The Joule contains a pressure sensor inside which senses the local air pressure. It then automatically calculates the local boiling point to determine the maximum temperature for that particular, individual Joule. It’s a smart little thing!

  • Clamp: there are two ways of using the Joule. There is a sturdy metal clip which attaches to the side of the pot or container. The Joule also has a magnetic base which allows it to attach to the bottom of ferric pots. This offers more choice in where you position your sous vide immersion circulator.
  • Connectivity: the Joule offers both Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi connections.The Joule is compatible with iPhones or iPads running iOS 8.0 or later and smartphones or tables running Android 4.4 or later. The Joule is not compatible with Windows smartphones or other operating systems.
    The phone or tablet must support Bluetooth LE (low energy). The Joule app is optimized for smaller screens such as phones. So while you can use the app on a table, it will look best on a phone screen.

    Amazon Echo

    Amazon Echo

    Unlike other sous vide immersion circulators, the Joule can be used with Amazon Alexa for voice-controlled cooking. If you’re into smart home devices, the Joule will be a welcome addition. You can also use it to impress your dinner party guests – hands free cooking!

  • Cleaning: the Joule is NOT dishwasher safe. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it over. Since it only goes into water this should never be a problem.The makers of Joule also recommend a vinegar bath for your Joule every so often.
    To do this you use equal parts water and white vinegar and start a manual cook with temperature set to 140°F (60°C). Once the water reaches this temperature level you can stop the Joule and remove it from its bath! This type of cleaning with vinegar is particularly important if you live in an area with hard water where buildup may occur inside the Joule.

One small problem with Joule. At the moment you can only control one Joule immersion circulator from one smartphone.

If you own more than one Joule this can be a problem. However, ChefSteps are developing a solution to this problem and they should release an update on this in the near future.

At this stage, if you need two or more sous vide machines operating at the same time it might be best to choose one not requiring WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity unless you are happy to control your Joule immersion circulators from multiple devices.

The ChefSteps CS10001 Joule is a great buy under $200. HERE is the best price I could find.


Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

best sous vide machine Amazon Sansaire Sous Vide


The Sansaire sous vide immersion circulator is one of the best sous vide machines currently available. But it hasn’t had an upgrade in a few years. It doesn’t offer Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity or an app.

While the Sansaire is still a great immersion circulator, you should know that it is being replaced with a new model due for release at the end of July 2017.

The new model will be called the Sansaire Delta. I would still be happy buying the current Sansaire now. Because it’s high powered, very simple to use and produces professional cooking results, it is still worth buying. It could still be the best sous vide machine for you, even once the new model is released.

If you prefer simplicity in your sous vide cooker then it might be wise to go ahead and purchase this model now before the new one comes out.

Sansaire Delta sous vide cooker

The future Sansaire Delta

The new model is vastly different. A different shape, different capabilities and WiFi connectivity will be on offer come July. The Sansaire Delta available in July 2017 will offer an app to connect with the device but it will also offer a touch screen on the device itself to set the temperature, time and settings directly. The Sansaire Delta will attach to your pot by hanging over the side with the touchscreen interface on the outer side of the pot.

The current Sansaire sous vide cooker is simple to use but it also has 1,000 watts of power, it is tall and sleek and it is used by many cooks to produce professional looking meals.

However, the current Sansaire is quite large compared to the other top sous vide immersion circulators currently available. It is 15.5 inches by 5 inches.

The details for the current Sansaire model:

  • Temperature Range: 105°F (40°C) to 185°F (85°C)
  • Maximum Water Capacity: a bit over 20 liters (6 gallons)
  • Clamp: a metal clip which attaches to the side of a pot or container. You can remove the clip entirely for cleaning.
  • Dishwasher: No, you cannot place the Sansaire in the dishwasher. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  • Timer: No, the operation of this sous vide immersion circulator is all manual. It is simple to set the temperature using a dial on the top.
    The temperature is displayed on the device. There is no timer so you simply turn it off when you finish cooking.
  • Connectivity: No, there is no remote connection available. This sous vide immersion circulator is operated manually only.

At this point you can either wait a few months for the new model or dive straight into getting the current model to secure a simple but very effective sous vide cooker.

If you like how easy it is to use the Sansaire immersion circulator, jump at the chance to get it now before it is superseded. Remember, the best sous vide machine is the one you’re most comfortable using in your own kitchen.

You may be interested to hear about a woman who recently bought an immersion circulator for her mother because her mother was suffering mobility disabilities but she was still happily living in her home with her husband.

The mother was unable to rush around the kitchen like she used to and she loved how forgiving the sous vide method is for cooking meat. It gave her time to prepare side dishes without the time pressure of the meat getting overcooked or cold while she was still trying to complete other tasks.

If you are thinking about the best sous vide machine to buy a relative, consider the simplicity available in the current model Sansaire. Not everyone wants high tech connectivity!

Sous Vide Oven Reviews

Sous vide supreme

The Sous Vide Supreme sous vide oven comes in three sizes. Sous Vide Supreme Chef is the professional model which can be used in restaurants. The Sous Vide Supreme is the size of a breadmaker and designed to sit on your counter between uses. And the Sous Vide Supreme Demi is a slightly smaller version and it is also designed to sit on your counter top. When you’re considering which might be the best sous vide machine for using at home, Sous Vide Supreme gives you choice.

Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS

Amazon Sous Vide Supreme
If you’re looking for the best sous vide machine to use at home you may want to consider the Sous Vide Supreme. It has the convenience of being ready to go with minimal set up time.

You simply fill it with water, place the food pouches inside and set the temperature.

A sous vide oven operates a little differently from a sous vide immersion circulator in that it simply heats the water from the bottom of the oven using thermal convection currents, rather than circulating it.

This means an immersion circulator may be preferable if you like to do short cooks, i.e. one to two hours.

When you’re only cooking for 1 hour there is the chance that the sous vide oven will retain cold spots and the water won’t be at a consistent temperature throughout the cook time.

The immersion circulator obviously circulates the water and this help distribute the heat evenly.

If you plan on cooking for longer times, such as 4 – 5 hours or days, then the sous vide oven offers other advantages. The insulated lid means there is no need to fuss trying to place foil over the top of your pot and around your immersion circulator.

With a tight fitting lid on a sous vide oven you don’t need to worry about evaporation even if you’re cooking for a day or more. The condensation simply returns to the oven water.

A sous vide oven also holds the heat very efficiently. It is an energy efficient cooking method.

Even when cooking for longer periods of time you are using much lower heat. And there is minimal heat loss because it is in an insulated oven.

The Sous Vide Supreme SVS10LS offers the following features:

  • Water Capacity: 11.2 liters (2.96 gallons)
  • Food Capacity: holds up to 20 four ounce portions of food
  • Temp range: 86°F – 210°F (30°C – 99°C). Adjustable in increments of 1°F (0.5°C)
  • Overall dimensions: 11.4 x 14.2 x 11.4 inches (29 x 36 x 29 cm)
  • Weight: 13 pounds (5.9 kg)
  • Interior: stainless steel
  • Color: stainless steel shell with brushed stainless finish and a stainless steel lid
  • Timer: 0 minutes – 99 hours
  • Timer Function: a countdown timer which does not automatically turn the sous vide oven off when it finishes counting down. The sous vide oven function whether you are using the timer or not.
  • Power: 110 – 120 V
  • Controls: manual push button settings on the front of the sous vide oven. The display panel shows settings for temperature and timer.
  • Accessories: metal rack can be used three different ways to hold food pouches, lid doubles as a drip tray when inverted to hold rack once removed from sous vide oven.

Overall, the Sous Vide Supreme is a high quality appliance for home cooking. It is suitable for mid-week meals or for entertaining at a dinner party.

You can easily cook for a dozen people if you need to. It could be the best sous vide machine for you, if you like to entertain.

The advantage is minimal setup time. You can get your meal started quickly and then leave it for hands-free cooking with professional results.

It’s sleek and it looks good and as long as you have room to leave it on your kitchen counter you’ll enjoy using it frequently for family and friends.

If you need to store this appliance away in a cupboard you’ll need to check the dimensions to be sure you’ve got space. It can be a bit awkward to have to lift in and out of a cupboard frequently but at 13 pounds (5.9 kg) it is manageable.

If you leave it on your counter and use it often it could definitely be the best sous vide machine for you to use at home.

And if you want to do very long cooks for days at a time it’s a great investment because it is energy efficient and there is no baby-sitting of the food required because there is little evaporation and no need to check water levels.

With these advantages you can see why the Sous Vide Supreme is one of our top choices in the sous vide oven category.

Online, the best price I found for the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS is HERE. This larger sous vide machine is not cheap but it’s well worth the money if you want the convenience of a sous vide oven with professional results.


Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven SVD-00101

To see the price on the Demi, click here: Amazon Demi

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi is very similar to the sous vide machine reviewed above. It is slightly smaller in size which may appeal to some people with less counter space.

If you need more color in your kitchen, it also comes in red.

The Sous Vide Supereme Demi SVS09L offers the following:

  • Water Capacity: 2.3 gallons (8.7 liters)
  • Food Capacity: 12 four-ounce portions of food
  • Color: coated steel shell in either black or red color with a polished aluminum lid
  • Temperature range: 86°F – 210°F (30° – 99°C) in 1°F (0.5°C) increments
  • Interior: Anodized aluminum
  • Timer: 0 minutes – 99 hours
  • Function of Timer: timer counts down but does not automatically turn the appliance off. At the end of the set time it emits an audible beep.
  • Outside dimensions: 11.3 x 10.96 x 12.99 inches (28.7 x 27.8 x 32.9 cm)
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds (4.4 kg)
  • Power: 110 – 120 volt
  • Control Panel: a press button control panel with led display to view temperature and timer settings
  • Accessories: the rack can be used in three different positions to hold the food pouches in the water. The lid doubles as a drip tray for removing the food pouches.

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi is possibly the best sous vide machine for a smaller kitchen where you have less counter space.

It is a smaller footprint than the Sous Vide Supreme but it still offers professional cooking results.

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi is obviously made from different materials such as anodized aluminum versus stainless steel in the Sous Vide Supreme.

If you prefer stainless steel for function and appearance then the Sous Vide Supreme (shown above) will be a better option. If you don’t mind the difference then you can save some counter space, choose your color and you should purchase the Demi.

The Demi model also gives you the choice of getting a red or black appliance which may be important if it matches your kitchen because this is one appliance you’ll probably keep on the counter for everyone to see. If you prefer red kitchen appliances, this could be the best sous vide machine for you.

This is a great sous vide machine and you’ll be happy with the results. It is very easy to use. If you’re keen to start sous vide cooking at home, the Sous Vide Supreme Demi is a top choice.

The best price I found, at the time of writing, for the Sous Vide Supreme Demi is HERE.

Sous Vide Supreme Chef Water Oven SSC-00100

Amazon ChefThe Sous Vide Supreme Chef, model SSC-00100, is very similar to the Sous Vide Supreme in size and function. The difference is it’s rated for industrial use in a commercial kitchen.

It is expected it will be used more frequently and it is UL commercial and NSF approved. This appliance includes items such as an industrial grade power cord.

It is expected that this model will be used by culinary professionals and in restaurant kitchens.

Obviously, the Sous Vide Supreme Chef is more expensive than its two relatives. The Sous Vide Supreme and the Sous Vide Supreme Demi are cheaper.

If you have money to burn, I guess you’d get extended life out of the Chef model.

However, given the other two models should last for many years, it’s probably not worth spending the extra money. Considering the similarity with the Sous Vide Supreme model in terms of functionality, you don’t need to spend extra.

Oliso 60001000 Smart Hub Sous Vide Oven

Oliso sous videAmazon OlisoBy necessity, a sous vide oven takes up quite a bit of space in your kitchen. Whether it’s on the counter or in a cupboard it is a bulky item to store. So, if you’re trying to justify a sous vide oven because of its size maybe you’d be interested in the Oliso Smart Hub. It’s a multi-functional cooker.

Not only does it cook sous vide but it also operates as a slow-cooker, an induction cooktop and is useful for steaming and proofing.

Oliso Smart Hub induction cookerIn fact, if you have a small kitchen and you’re looking for the best sous vide machine, the Oliso Smart Hub might also prove to be the best induction cooktop for you as well.

Just imagine, you cook a perfect steak using sous vide and then you want to sear the surface for color and extra flavor.

You simple lift the sous vide cooker off the top of the Oliso Smart Hub to reveal the induction cooktop beneath. Place a pan on the Smart Hub and sear your steak, add the vegetables you cooked sous vide with the steak and voila, you’ve got a restaurant quality meal from one appliance.

Seriously, if you are living in a small apartment or you’re going through renovations and the whole family is living in the basement with no kitchen, consider this multi-purpose cooker.

Unlike other sous vide ovens, you can actually place food and liquids directly into the sous vide cooker, not just water. This means it can function as a slow-cooker too.

Heat broth, soup or even cook a whole chicken by this method. It is more difficult to cook a whole chicken using sous vide. This is because the air cavity in the middle means the temperature is not constant. The temperature needs to be constant during the entire cooking time. If not, this makes it difficult to gauge accuracy, and therefore safety, of the temperature of the chicken.

Induction cooking is extremely accurate. You have almost immediate control over the temperature like cooking with gas. In this way, it is more akin to gas cooking than it is to other ceramic electric cooktops.

You can get a pan up to searing temperature for your steak very quickly. If you’ve never tried induction cooking before you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just don’t try and preheat a pot sitting on an induction cooktop because you’ll burn it, it is so fast.

If you don’t own a sous vide cooker and you don’t have an induction cooktop in your kitchen, this is a great way to try both as well as getting a slow-cooker.

Oliso Smart Hub steam panAs mentioned the Oliso Smart Hub can also be used for steaming.

The steam pan is not included when you purchase the Smart Hub, but it is only a few dollars either from or from Oliso directly.

If you get the Smart Hub I would definitely try and remember to order the steam pan at the same time. It’s a handy additional feature.

For the price of a steam pan you’ll get more versatility from your Oliso.

Because the Smart Hub uses induction heating, it is very energy efficient. Of course, you do need to use induction compatible pots and pans when you’re using the Smart Hub induction cooktop. This means they need to be ferric.

The rule of thumb is if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pot or pan they’ll usually work with induction.

Induction compatible pots and pans are usually made of stainless steel, cast iron or enameled iron.

There’s a good chance the ones you already own will work with induction. If not, it’s a great excuse to buy new ones.

The features on the Oliso Smart Hub include:

  • Dimensions overall: 12¼ inches x 15½ inches x 11¼ inches (31cm x 39cm x 29cm)
  • Temperature range for sous vide: 86°F – 194°F (30°C – 99°C)
  • Temperature range for induction cooktop: 175°F – 550°F (80°C – 290°C)
  • Size of induction cooktop: the actual cooktop surface is 10 inches x 11 inches (25cm x 28cm). The size of pans to be used can range from 3 inches/9cm base diameter up to 9.5 inches/24cm base diameter.
  • Water/liquid capacity: maximum is 2.8 gallons/10.4 liters
  • Color: silver and black with a glass lid
  • Power: 110 V
  • Weight: 9.55lbs (4.3kg)
  • Timer: a countdown timer but it does not turn power off automatically
  • Control panel: digital display showing temperature and time
  • Accessories: metal rack holds pouches in place vertically. The Oliso steam pan insert does not come with the Smart Hub but you can purchase it separately.

The Oliso Smart Hub has some serious advantages for certain people. If you are cooking in a small kitchen or you are without a stovetop then the multi-functional uses of this sous vide machine might serve you well.

If you don’t have an induction cooktop and you also need to find the best sous vide machine, then the Smart Hub may be what you need to save space in your kitchen. It is a good looking appliance and can sit on your counter. In the alternative, it is only 9.55lbs (4.3kg) if you need to lift it into your pantry cupboard.

The Oliso Smart Hub offers convenience that other sous vide machines don’t proffer. It’s a great addition to any home cook’s kitchen.


Tribest Sousvant SV-101 Sous Vide Oven

Tribest Sousvant at

Amazon SousantThe Tribest Sousvant SV-101 is the best sous vide machine for visual people who want to see what is happening to their food while it cooks. It has a clear water container where the food pouches are placed.

You may be tempted to try and look through other sous vide ovens with glass lids. But seriously the only thing you get a good look at, is condensation.

If you are curious about your food being cooked by the sous vide method, then the Tribest Sousvant is the best sous vide machine for you. It give you a window into sous vide cooking.

The Tribest Sousvant is stylish and you can leave it on your kitchen counter when you’re not cooking. The top section has easy to grip handles for emptying the water. You simply lift it off the base and pour it into the sink.

The features of the Tribest Sousvant sous vide oven:

  • Size: 7.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 15.5 inches (19.05cm x 29.21cm x 39.37cm)
  • Water capacity: 12 quarts/3 gallons (11.4 liters)
  • range: 95°F – 194°F (35°F – 90°C)
  • Weight: 10lbs (4.55kg)
  • Color: silver and clear water carafe with clear lid
  • Controls: all digital display, showing temperature and timer
  • Power: 110 V
  • Timer: the cook indicator/timer records the time since the water has reached the set target temperature. The timer can be reset back to zero at any time. The timer records how long the food has been cooking but you can’t set the time to count down. There is no automatic shut off for this sous vide using a timer.
  • Accessories: this sous vide machine does not come with a rack. The company recommends the food pouches be placed vertically in the water oven and not horizontally, so water an circulate around the food whilst cooking.

The Tribest Sousvant is a high quality appliance. If you like to see what’s happening to your food as it cooks then this would be the best sous vide machine to buy.

Some people get curious about the food and others don’t care. It is a personal preference but it’s great to have such a high quality sous vide oven available if you want to satisfy your curiosity.

==>      The Best Price I found, at the time of writing, for the Tribest Sousant is HERE.


Even the best sous vide machine needs accessories

Once you’ve decided on the best sous vide machine to buy for home, there are a few little extras to think about. Essentially you’ll need pouches and tongs. Depending on what type of sous vide machine you buy you may also possibly need a vacuum sealer machine, insulation balls, clips and a container or a new lid for your container.

What are sous vide bags

Sous vide bags are the pouches you cook your food in. A vacuum sealer works with special bags. The vacuum sealer machine removes the air from the bag. It then seals it. This gives you the convenience of being able to drop the entire bag into the sous vide water bath.

You can also use ziplock bags that are watertight. It is still important to try and remove as much air as possible from the bag before using it for sous vide cooking.

Sous vide without vacuum sealer

If you’re using an immersion circulator, you can use a ziplock type of bag and attach it to the side of the pot or container using a clip to hold it in place. That way the top of the bag is not at risk of filling with water because it is above the top level of the water.

All plastic ziplock food bags should be free of BPA and safe for food products. Also, ensure your bags are safe for use with the temperature you intend to use for your sous vide cooking.

If in doubt, it is safer to purchase bags specifically designed for sous vide cooking. There are plenty available online and is a great place to find variety. There are multiple sizes so jump right in and choose the best ones for your cooking needs.

Sous vide without plastic

Are you concerned about throwing away all those plastic bags from sous vide cooking? Don’t fret. There is another option. Silicone bags are available. They are reusable and safe for cooking food.

There are a few options with silicone. Unfortunately most of them do not seal perfectly. For this reason it is best to use silicone pouches with an immersion circulator where you can clip the bag onto the side of the pot or container while cooking.

You’ll remember, the water needs to come in contact with the bag so the food gets to the correct temperature. So, as long as the bag is submerged and the food is not insulated with air you can use silicone for your sous vide cooking.

Silicone has the advantage of not taking on the smell or aroma of foods. It is safe to wash in the dishwasher and very durable so it will last a long time. Silicone is a very good alternative to plastic if you’re concerned about the environment.

Some people don’t like the idea of cooking in a plastic pouch and are therefore more comfortable using silicone. It is a matter of personal preference and it’s good to know there are options available.


Note: this review comprises personal opinion only and should not be relied upon to form a decision. Please undertake your own research on factual accuracy and suitability before making your purchase.


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