Best Kitchen Island – Large, Small, Portable, Rolling, With Seating or Without

Kitchen Island headingIf you’re short on counter space, a kitchen island solves your dilemma. It doesn’t need to be built-in. You can get a portable island which is cheaper and quicker to place in your kitchen. Here are some of the best to choose from.

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Most people like to place a kitchen island as an “island” in the middle of their kitchen.

Personally, I have one counter in my kitchen which is shorter in length than the other. So I always had a space to fill in at the end of the shorter one.

While I thought about placing a beverage fridge there, I decided on a portable kitchen island to keep my options open.

I get more counter space, more storage and I can move it into the middle of my kitchen when I choose. This is an advantage of getting a rolling kitchen island.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen island it is good to know that you can also get ones with seating. Even portable ones can offer seating.  When I was choosing I was more interested in storage. If you’re after storage too, consider whether you want shelves, cabinets or drawers.

Portable Kitchen Island

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A portable kitchen island can be on feet or wheels. Obviously if you get one on feet you’ll need to lift it to move it to another spot. Most of the islands on feet are intended to be put together in your kitchen and then placed in one spot in your kitchen.

If you’re going to regularly move your island from the middle to the side of your kitchen I would suggest getting one on wheels (take a look at the next section below).

But if you choose a portable kitchen island that includes wheels you can usually choose to leave them off and just place the wooden legs directly on the kitchen floor.

Of course, it depends on the style as to whether this will suit the island. But generally, this gives you many more options because a lot of the portable varieties are only shown with the wheels attached.

Two Types of Portable Kitchen Island

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So, there are two approaches you can take.

You can get a portable kitchen island that I call “portable” because it is not attached to the floor or built-in and you can take it with you or move it to another room or another house.

But this type of kitchen island can be very heavy and you certainly wouldn’t want to be moving it often.

Then, there is the true “portable” kitchen island which can be moved easily on wheels from the center of your kitchen to the side whenever you feel like it and possible several times a day. It is the portable type that is light weight and easy to move. It’s a rolling kitchen island.

Most of the kitchen islands sold without wheels are a much heavier piece of furniture. They are often more expensive than the ones with wheels but this is usually because you get a higher quality island. By paying more you get real wood and a therefore a more solid kitchen island.

 Kitchen Island large

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This kitchen island (above) is made from solid wood with some interior pieces being non solid wood construction. It uses Asian Hardwood on the exterior. The top counter is a distressed oak finish top. The top includes a flip-up table leaf which can be used as a breakfast bar, for serving or for eating other meals.

The cabinet is painted white with raised detail cabinet doors and adjustable shelves inside. Two drawers are included above the cabinet doors. Both ends of the kitchen island features adjustable open shelves.

The dimensions of this island are 49-3/4 W x 26-1/2 D x 36-1/2 H inches.

If you’re looking for a high quality piece of furniture to complement your kitchen, then this is sure to please. At the time of writing it has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars for more than 400 reviews on Amazon. You can also get it in other colors. There’s a black and oak finish option as well as a fully oak finish choice.

If you need counter stools to go with this island, they are also available. The fold-up breakfast bar provides a variety of uses for this kitchen island. This piece of furniture is solid and it’ll look impressive in your kitchen.

You will need to assemble this island in your kitchen. It comes in 3 or sometimes 4 boxes which are easy to fit in through a normal door. You should allow about 2 hours to assemble it. The instructions are easy to follow.

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If you like this look, this is another island (above) similar to the white one already shown. However, this model comes with a black granite insert. For more details, take a look here.

Rolling Kitchen Island on Wheels

Kitchen Island Beechwood

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This portable kitchen island has a natural finish and a solid Beechwood body. The back panel and sides are thinner board.  There’s an adjustable shelf inside the cabinet doors and the handles on the doors and drawer are also made of Beechwood are are long and easy to grasp.

On the side you get a towel rail included (again in Beechwood). This is a beautiful natural kitchen island that will suit any kitchen.

The measurements are: 26.9 W x 18.2 D x 34.3 H inches.

It includes wheels and can be moved around your kitchen. You can use it at the side of a wall, at the end of a fixed kitchen island as extra space or on its own in the middle of your kitchen. This rolling kitchen island offers a lot of choices.

Here’s another good quality rolling kitchen island on wheels…

Kitchen Island on Wheels

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The dimensions of the rolling portable kitchen island (shown above) are 48-1/4 W x 18-1/2 D x 35-1/2 H inches. This island comes in a black painted finish with a solid wood counter top for easy food prep.

Portable Kitchen Island with Stainless Steel Counter

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If you’re looking for a stainless steel counter top on your rolling kitchen island then this may be the one for you. It includes hanging rails on the sides and a cabinet with two doors underneath. You’ll get an adjustable shelf within. There’s also one drawer above the cabinet doors.

This island is made from natural Asian hardwood and is painted white. It is a solid kitchen island on wheels.

The dimensions are: 32-1/2 W x 18-3/4 D x 35-1/2 H inches.

If you’re looking for a larger rolling kitchen island with stainless steel counter, take a look at this one (below). It measures 53 W x 18 D x 36 H inches.

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White Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island White Small

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This is a very popular white island on coasters (see image above). It is a smaller size to suit small kitchens or use it as extra portable space at the end of another kitchen island or counter.

It measures 33-3/4 W x 18-1/2 D x 36 H inches. The top is a natural hardwood which is practical and also looks good in almost any kitchen. This is the white island but you can also get it in a black color in the same size and style.

If you’re looking for a larger white kitchen island on wheels, take a look at this one.

Kitchen Island White Medium

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The dimensions on the island above are 53.75 W x 18 D x 35.75 H inches.  You get extra storage with a cupboard and 3 drawers. The interior shelves are adjustable.

This island comes with the added bonus of having a leaf that comes up to be used as a breakfast bench. The leaf is 11 inches deep.  The overall depth of this kitchen island is 29 inches with the leaf extended.

On one end you get a dish towel or paper towel holder. The counter is a natural wood making it perfect for food preparation. However, you should protect the counter from heat by using a trivet. Otherwise the surface will not look pretty.

This is a high quality product. The island looks good in most kitchens and if you’re specially looking for a white kitchen island then this one may be perfect for you.

If you’re looking for an open kitchen island in white then here’s another one.

Kitchen Island White Open

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This open shelf design includes 2 drawers and towel rails. The top is stainless steel which looks good an any kitchen and makes meal prep easy.

The island is constructed of solid hardwood and engineered wood. The casters are heavy duty and locking.

You get lots of storage space for pots, pans, bowls or small appliances. And the shelves can easily hold bottles of wine.

Dimensions of this island are: 47-1/4 W x 20-1/2 D x 36 H inches. This island is perfect for extra counter space in a any size kitchen.

Kitchen Island with Seating

Kitchen Island with stools

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This is an amazing island for space saving. If you need to pack away your breakfast bench when you’re not eating, then this is perfect. You can store the stools underneath so they take no extra room.

This is such a clever design. It’s portable and provides seating. If you have a small kitchen but you want more table or counter space then you’ll love what you can do with this portable island with stools.

It comes in either natural or teak colors. You can also choose a style with a rounded end.

Two of the casters lock, one on each side, to keep it stable when in use.

When the leaf is extended the overall dimensions are 29.13 W x 29.61 D x 32.76 H inches. The stools each measure 11.4 W x 11.4 D x 20.8 H inches.

With the leaf down the measurements are 29 W x 15.7 D x 32.75 H inches.

If you’re short on space and you want to add an island with seating, then this is such a clever idea. You’ll be excited to use this island in a small kitchen. It offers you so many more ways to use the space you have.

Looking for a larger island with seating?

Kitchen Island large with seating

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This large island has counter overhang on all four sides when the leaves are extended. This allows for lots of extra seating. It has two drop-down leaves, one on each end of the island.

The counter top is 42 inches square. When you lift both leaves it extends to 66 inches. This is a large island.

The overhand is about 6.5 inches. On the ends with the leaves extended it is about 13 inches for extra leg room.

You also get lots of storage. In addition to the cabinet you get drawers and shelves on the ends. All sides are finished and you can place it in the middle of your kitchen.

This is a heavy piece of furniture. It does not come on wheels so you’ll need to place it where you want it. You can’t move this one very easily.

Another heavy island with seating that can be folded away

Kitchen Island larger with stools

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This is a substantial island with a drop leaf on one side for seating. The supports for the leaf slide back into the island to allow the leaf to fold down.

You get loads of storage with drawers and cabinet. This is a high quality piece of furniture. It is heavy and well finished.

The measurements with the leaf down are 48 W x 26-3/4 D x 36 H inches. When the leaf it extended the top goes from 26-3/4 inches deep to 39 inches deep. So you get good leg room at your breakfast bar.

This set includes two solid hardwood 24 inch stools to match your island.

Whether you’re looking for an open portable kitchen island or a more solid piece of furniture without wheels, you can find what you need. Take a look at the functionality of each piece and then consider your color preference. By increasing your counter space you’ll get more enjoyment of your kitchen for years to come.

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