Best Round Chafing Dish – Perfect for Entertaining

Best Round Chafing DishWhen I entertain I like to make sure my table looks beautiful for my guests. I choose the china to match the occasion and I like to use crystal wine flutes. I also love to use chafing dishes. They are especially handy when I have lots of guests. Keeping the food warm is always my main concern but I’m also thinking about my decor and the presentation of the table. I love using a round chafing dish for this reason. Have you seen how good they look? Don’t miss out on an item that can really add that “something extra” to your home. Continue reading

Breville Smart Oven Reviews – Mini BOV450XL vs Compact BOV650XL vs Smart BOV800XL vs Smart Pro BOV845BSS vs Smart Air BOV900BSS

Breville Smart Oven Reviews headerIf you’re looking for a high-quality toaster oven, the Breville Smart Oven won’t disappoint. These toaster ovens do a lot more than toast. Even though this smart oven sits on your counter it is definitely more like an oven than a toaster. You can roast and bake in a Breville Smart Oven just like you would with a larger wall oven or range. With the five different Breville Smart Oven reviews here, you’ll see different cooking functions for each model.

The models vary in size, functions and price. At the time of writing there was about $250 difference in price between the Breville Mini Smart Oven and the Breville Smart Oven Air. You should only pay for the features you need. If you’re not going to benefit from the features on the high-end model, there’s no reason to pay extra for them. See what you need hereContinue reading

Compare Philips AirFryer Models – Viva vs Avance vs TurboStar – 5 Models Reviewed and Compared

Compare Philips AirFryer ModelsLooking for the best Air Fryer? But you don’t want to over-spend? Philips created the air fryer and they’re still the leading brand for quality and reliability. But don’t get confused by all the different models available. You don’t need to buy the top-shelf model if you don’t need its features. There are cheaper Philips Airfryer models to choose from. Here, we compare Philips AirFryer models.

See detailed reviews on the Philips Airfryer Viva HD9220 vs Viva Digital HD9230 vs Viva TurboStar HD9621 vs Avance TurboStar HD9641 vs Avance XL HD9240. Continue reading

17 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Actually Want to Own | Great Gifts Too

Every year I have to buy presents for members of my family who have everything. Everyone has those relatives. Right? And then there’s the Krissy Kringle at work! That’s another difficult gift to buy because you want it to be fun but appropriate for work. When it comes to these gifts, I struggle to try and find something interesting or useful or both. This year I’ve researched the best kitchen gadgets and I’m ordering lots of them as gifts. Check it out… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Induction Cookware Sets

Best Induction Cookware SetsWhen I got my first induction cooktop I was determined to have a new cookware set. Even though my old pots and pans were induction compatible, there was no way I wanted to use them on my new shiny cooktop. Of course, we all have one or two favorite pots, and yes, I did keep using a couple old ones. But I was thrilled to have the chance to find the best induction cookware set for my new kitchen.

However, I made one huge mistake.

Because that was my first ever induction cooktop, I really had no experience with induction cooking and you won’t believe it, but I managed to burn my new skillet the first time I used it. I knew induction was fast but I didn’t understand how responsive it was until I used it.

So, be warned, if you’re new to induction cooking, don’t be tempted to turn the heat up high. You won’t need to preheat any of your pans on a high heat. Now, whether you’re new to induction cooking or not, you’re probably here because you want to buy a new induction cookware set. Here are all the honest details you need to make an informed decision… Continue reading

Best Bullet Blender – Magic Bullet vs NutriBullet – Make Life Easy

Best Bullet BlenderI use a bullet blender every day, at least twice a day. And I own more than one of these blenders. The best bullet blender is one you want to use all the time. I make smoothies for myself, purée baby food, make soups, make hummus, make guacamole, chop onions, make oat flour, grind coffee beans and nuts, mix up pancake batter, whip cream, grate cheese and so much more in a bullet blender.

Most people love their bullet blender for smoothies, but they could be using it for so much more.

The list just goes on and on for all the things I make in a bullet blender. I haven’t burnt out a motor yet but I’ve certainly broken plenty of blender cups. And on one of the much cheaper bullet blender models I also managed to crack the plastic under the blade piece. But that wasn’t on any of the bullet blenders reviewed here. Continue reading

Single Portable Induction Cooktop: What They Won’t Tell You

portable induction cooktopWhen you’re buying a portable induction cooktop there are lots of things a salesperson won’t tell you unless you ask specifically. At The Equipped Cook we provide you with the answers before you’ve even thought of the questions.

The most popular portable induction cooktop is a single induction burner. A single unit offers portability, it is easy to stow and you can always find room for it on your counter or table.

We look at the best features on these appliances and review three of the most popular models. Continue reading

Best Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over Coffee – Don’t Get the Wrong One

Best Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over CoffeeLooking for the best gooseneck kettle for pour over coffee? Do you need electric? What about a thermometer? Are you in love with the copper color? Do you need the best gooseneck kettle for a stovetop? There are lots of high quality kettles available and the good news is, most of them aren’t too expensive. Here are the best available.
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Father’s Day Gifts – Best Indoor Electric Grill for Your Dad

If you’re looking for the best indoor electric grill as a gift this Father’s Day, look no further. Here is all the information you need to make the right choice. There are so many models available, at such a huge range in prices, but you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Here are the best choices and they’re all under $100. Some are much less than that. They’re high quality and great value.

Once you get addicted to the convenience of an indoor electric grill, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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Best Blender Buys Under $50 – Best Bang for your Buck

Best Blender Buys under 50 dollarsWith blenders, you don’t need to spend a lot. The best blender is often under $50. If you want it mostly for smoothies, you’ll want it to give you a smooth result with easy clean up every day. But if you want to puree baby food every day, there is a different type of blender for the job. The best blender under 50 is out there waiting for you.

Just make sure you choose the best blender for the job. Once you decide on your priority for your new blender, you’re ready to buy. Here’s some information to help you along the way. Continue reading

Pink Gifts for Mom – the Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and Beyond

Gifts for MomNeed a gift for Mother’s Day? Looking for something nice for your Mom’s birthday? Maybe it’s a holiday gift. Do you want DIY gift ideas for Mom? Here are some gorgeous pink gifts for mom. A lot of the items come in other colors too. And they’re all available online. So, if you’re short on time, grab one of these gifts online and get it delivered.

And…if you’re good at DIY, I’ve got some great ideas for you. Continue reading

Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gifts – 7 Ideas – Beautiful and Useful

7 Gorgeous Mothers Day GiftsLooking for gorgeous Mothers Day gifts? Here are 7 of my favorite gift ideas. When I give a gift, I want it to look good. These 7 gift ideas are beautiful. But what makes them really special is that they will be truly appreciated.

All of these gifts are items your mom will love to actually use in her home. Why waste your money on something that’ll sit in a cupboard. Give her something she’ll be grateful for.

And every time she uses it, she’ll think of you. Continue reading

7 Reasons to Buy a Sous Vide Cooker – and How to Get the Best Sous Vide Cooker

Best Sous Vide CookerThe best sous vide cooker is one you feel excited to own.  It changes the way you cook. Personally, I love using sous vide. It frees up my time, gives me professional cooking results and all with no mess.

But if you feel like the following reasons don’t agree with you, then it’s best to find out as soon as possible, preferably before you buy one. Continue reading

Tiger Rice Cooker Review: More Than Just the Specs, Real Life Details You Need

Tiger rice cooker reviewThis induction rice cooker changes your life. Whether you’re single, living with a loved one or you have a large family, this rice cooker has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a Tiger rice cooker review on the JKT-S10U-K or the JKT-S18U-K then look no further.

So…you want to know what the Tiger rice cooker can do for you. Let’s have a look. Continue reading

Best Sous Vide Machine Reviews – Essential Info Before You Buy

Best Sous Vide Machine ReviewsSous vide cooking is very popular at the moment. But lots of people don’t realize how easy it is to use sous vide at home. This is a method of cooking which makes you look like a professional chef without any training at all. If you’re looking for the best sous vide machine reviews to cook sous vide at home, you’ve come to the right place.

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Induction Rice Cooker: What’s All The Fuss About?

riceInduction rice cookers are fast becoming known as the best way to achieve better flavor and better texture from your rice at home. If you eat rice, you need an induction rice cooker.

This is high tech cooking at its best. If you take your rice cooking seriously, this is the perfect product for you. If you’ve cooked rice with an ordinary rice cooker in the past you’ll notice the difference when you switch to induction cooking.

These rice cookers are far more intelligent than your ordinary kitchen appliance. They are technologically superior, computerized and use fuzzy logic in combination with induction heating to produce better results. Continue reading

How to Use a Wok for Healthy Cooking

An electric wok at

For the price of an electric wok, you get convenience and a healthy meal.

Most home cooks own a wok and for those that don’t, woks are easy and inexpensive to purchase. But did you know woks can be used for healthy cooking? Have you ever wondered how to use a wok at home for healthier meals?

Fast, easy, fresh and mouth-watering meals can be completed in a few minutes using a wok. This centuries-old method of stir-frying meats, poultry, fish and vegetables can be a healthier way to cook if you limit the sodium, fats and oils. Continue reading

How To Keep Your Induction Cooktop Looking Like New

cooktop cleanerEverything is perfect when you get a shiny new induction cooktop. The surface is unmarked, the induction burners heat up your food so quickly it’s like magic and you’re proud of your new purchase. Then, out of the blue, the unexpected happens. A pot boils over. Disaster strikes, panic sets in and you know your beautiful new cooktop is ruined. Not so. Find out how to keep your cooktop cleaner. Continue reading

What Is Induction Cooking?

what is induction cooking

Everyone wants to know about induction cooking. It’s high tech, it looks good and it’s very efficient.

I am assuming you’re like me before I bought my first induction cooktop. I wanted to know what it was and how is worked but I didn’t need enough detail to actually go and build my own!  If you’re a scientist or an engineer and you’re fascinated by induction at a deeper level, this article is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about remodelling your kitchen and you’ve never owned an induction cooktop before, please read on. Continue reading